First of all, Congratulations on this next big step in life and finding your forever partner!!!!

There are so many things to talk about!  We want to know your whole story:  how you met, your favorite memories with each other, who you are as people, and who you are as a couple.  When we're not taking portraits, we are a fly on the wall.  We are not here to manufacture your moments, so we don't tell you what to do or how to act.  We want you to be yourself and enjoy every second of your day!  To do help you do this, we like to be very thorough with knowing your "day-of-plan" and capturing moments in a candid and creative way.  We think it's about putting ourselves in the right place at the right time.

We are different from other photographers.  We don't just show up the day of your wedding and hope for the best.  We spend time getting to know your day-of-plan, scouting potential photo locations, talking with your wedding planner or venue, and learning your families names.  We want to listen to all of your dreams and help guide you with our experience.  The "party planners" in us want to hear every decor and design idea!  

There are as many different styles of photography as there are personality types.  Everyone does things a little differently - everyone has a different style in how they shoot and edit, different ways they use their equipment, and value different moments to capture.  The trick is to find someone that meshes with you on a personal level and whose work you admire.   If you're looking just for a "hired hand" on your wedding day to grab some quick portraits and generally document the reception, we may not be the right fit (which is totally ok!).  

We have always been inspired by the nostalgia of film.  We shoot in a way that feels like the image could have come from an 35mm film camera.  We make custom filters for each and every wedding, to evoke a feeling and bring a sense of nostalgia to your photo set.  We take our editing process very seriously and spend extra time and care on each wedding - our clients have said it's worth the wait!  For this reason, we are only able to take a limited amount of weddings per year, so that you get our very best (non-rushed) work.

We are completely dedicated to documenting all of the feelings of your wedding day - not just the decor (don't worry, we will also capture all of your hard work in a beautiful way).   We will be there for the "in between" moments, not just the portraits, because that is where the storytelling is.  We are highly empathetic, which helps us anticipate what images you would want to have and what special details are most important.  But most of all, we love our job and have so much fun together!  Our goal is that you have fun and enjoy yourselves during your portrait sessions.  We aim to capture natural images over posed shots and want you to have a stress-free and zero-awkward camera experience.  Because honestly, being in front of a camera can be sooo awkward.

There is something so magical about having EVERYONE you love in the same room at the same time.  Most likely we will cry at your wedding - we are kind of suckers for love.  We have online delivery to make it easy to share with friends and family, as well as a special little package for you that includes all of the edited, high-res images on a little gold flash drive with full print rights.  If we sound like a good fit for your day, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions!  We would love to grab coffee!

Wedding Packages starting at $4,200 for 8 hours


Engagement Shoot starting $550   -  Additional hours on wedding day $550/hr  -  Bridal Shower starting $450  -  Rehearsal Dinner starting $450

If you are eloping, have a guest list of less than 40 people, or simply don't see what you need - please contact us for a custom package!

We LOVE to travel!  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for destination weddings!  We sometimes are able to offer huge discounts on travel fees, based on the location, due to friends around the globe.


Bean and Cole

Kind words:

Chris Olson - 7/21/2016

Let me cut to the chase, hiring Bean and Cole will be the smartest thing you do. I was constantly amazed at how easy everything went working with Jeanne. Her work speaks for itself, which you can see on their website, but nothing compares to the level organization, consulting and quality that she brought to the table. Best advice I can give you other than simply hiring Bean and Cole, is do whatever they say. The more we followed her lead the better everything was coming out. Our engagement and wedding photos were so good, the hardest thing you'll have to do is figure out which ones to share. That's because each photo will be amazing. Don't even get me started on how wonderful her personality is. Got a difficult family member or wedding party member? No problem, Jeanne's magic ability to get them to cooperate will fix that. When Jeanne and Cole went above and beyond by one getting on the shoulders of the other in order to get the right for a shot, I knew I had the perfect photographers for my big day. I know everyone says that their photographers are the best, but I can not stress enough how serious I am when I say that Bean and Cole literally are the best in the business. You'll know it too, when you have your final personalized package delivered to you. I am forever in their debt for what they have done for me and how happy they've made my wife.

Sarah Harper - 11/20/2015

Words truly cannot begin to describe the love I have for my wedding photos. In one word, they're timeless. Every time I look at them, I'm reminded not only of the enormous role Bean and Cole played in the ease and simplicity of my wedding day, but every emotion I felt, too. I relive it every time.

The photos themselves are absolutely stunning, and it's apparent how much detail and care went into shooting and editing them. They are classic, not at all dated, with colors, filters and tones that are flattering on everyone. I always say Bean and Cole captures your best/true self with a romanticized lens. Bean captured me how I never thought I would see myself: dreamy, confident and classic. Often times in wedding photography, I notice the details are overlooked or shot in a cliché way that feels forced. Bean and Cole shoot in a way that when I view the photos, it makes me feel like I'm in that very moment. Details were one of the higher priorities for me. Because I'm a calligrapher and artist, I wanted to remember all the thought and care I put into making my guests feel special. I trusted Bean and Cole with it and they delivered.

Jeanne shot my wedding, and it was the best decision I made. Jeanne is a down-to-earth sweetheart, but the utmost professional. She made my entire party and family feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. She captured every single moment of my ceremony and reception and everything in between. My husband is very camera-shy, but Jeanne made him feel so much at ease and captured his true sweet self. When she's taking your photos, she makes you feel like you can breathe!

If you're looking for true professionals that will help make your day memorable, and timeless wedding photos you will treasure / that will last for generations to come, look no further!

Liz Strong - 5/21/2016

Literally, Jeanne is the best ever. We hired Bean and Cole to do our engagement photos and our wedding. We went with the top of the line package and I can honestly say I still feel like we are the ones who got a deal! Jeanne is so personable and professional. If you're someone who is not comfortable in front of a camera, she will instantly put you at ease. She has an eye for beauty in the details and will make sure your photos absolutely capture everything you have imagined for your wedding. Jeanne comes incredibly prepared and organized and spends time with you to get to know you and your SO to be, to make the photos intimate and real for who you are as a couple. Here are a few special moments and touches Jeanne added to our experience. 

-We took our engagement photos right before Halloween, and we thought it would be funny to take a photo in the local graveyard for a "Till Death Do Us Part" Halloween photo. I had suggested this idea half kidding but Jeanne jumped on it. In the midst of a busy photo season, Jeanne paid special attention to get this photo edited before Halloween so we would have it to share with our friends and family! 

-I told Jeanne that one of my favorite movies is pride and prejudice and on my wedding day she asked if I was game to take "super magical photos." She scouted out this location at our reception venue that captured the romance and beauty that I loved from that movie. I trusted her to walk through a few brambles and it was completely worth it, the photos turned out magically! She really has the eye! 

I want to say that I had looked at other vendors in the metro Detroit area and no one else has quite the vision and style that Bean and Cole. The editing style is above and beyond what most other photographers in the area offer. I would say Bean and Cole are the premier wedding photographers for this area!

Rochelle Kraus - 8/19/2016

When I first saw Jeanne's photography, I knew one day I wanted her as my wedding photographer. Jeanne makes the whole experience incredibly personal, as she focuses on details and strives to achieve everything you desire. I loved meeting with her on two separate occasions before the wedding. She makes an incredible effort to get to know you and your style. Wedding planning can be stressful, especially if you're a DIY gal, type A personality like myself. I knew we were in the best hands when Jeanne ran through her game plan for the big day. It's one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. With her experience, she knows how to get the job done well with high efficiency. She is so organized and professional! Her genuine love for photography and people overflows as she is shooting. She captured memories in a beautiful and true way proving that the best pictures are not posed. I am thankful beyond words for the truly magnificent job Bean and Cole did not only for us, but for the preservation of our wedding day.

Rebecca Nelson - 8/30/2014

Hiring Bean and Cole was the best decision we made planning our wedding.  Jeanne captured every moment of joy and beauty from our wedding. We had her take maternity and newborn pictures of our son soon after. Jeanne has been there for every important part of our lives together. She is kind, fun, creative, and TALENTED.  Jeanne is our our forever photographer!