We're so excited to be a part of your day and to tell your story!  We feel like we've done this wedding thing about 1 million times, so we want to help pass some wedding wisdom to you to help make your photos the best they can be!

Here are a few tips from your Photographers:

DO ...

Consider your getting ready space!  Opt for somewhere you feel comfortable and that has a good natural light source.  This location will add personality to your photos


Get ready in the church basement.  Or in the Nursery.  We can't edit out the painted animals on the wall and the fluorescent lights don't do well with skin tones!


Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel like the queen you are!!  We love every detail you've planned to wear, so don't forget to show us all of your fun things during "Getting Ready" and we will make sure to photograph them!

Worry about getting the dress dirty!  What is important is that you experience the joy of your day worry-free.  You will only wear your dress once and I promise the 'dirt' you think your dress is dragging through isn't going to show up in photos or at the ceremony.  Let's get great photos!


Cry.  It's ok!  Weddings are emotional and you've put on waterproof makeup.  Your photos will still be amazing.

Hold back tears. The face you make when you're holding back tears is not as photogenic as your crying face.


Let stress in day-of!  Wake up on your day and enjoy everything!  Laugh and love with friends and family! Delegate tasks! Unless you want photos of you working.

Ask your florist for an extra clipping of your favorite flower or some eucalyptus.  We're happy to incorporate fresh flowers into photos of your invites, vows or jewelry!


Try to cram all of your photos into a 45 minute slot after the ceremony (this would technically leave 15 minutes each for family, bride and groom, and bridal party photos).  It's almost do-able and I've had to do it before but I'm telling you that it's stressful for both you and us.  Not to mention the quality of your photos can suffer if we're rushing too much. We definitely want you to have ZERO stress on your wedding day.  If you aren't planning on doing a first look (Which is totally ok!  Do your thing!) then make sure you have set aside at least 1.5-2 hours for your photos (roughly 30 minutes each for family, bride and groom, and bridal party not including driving time... or horse and buggy time... ).  This will save you stress and make sure you are getting what you are paying for - amazing photos on your wedding day!

Consider a "First Look" - if you don't have strong feelings about seeing each other before the ceremony, this is something to consider!  First looks might sound like an anticlimactic or boring way to see each other on your wedding day, but speaking from experience, it can be the most special and beautiful moment you have together all day.  A first look is planned ahead in a special private area with just you two.  You're able to kiss, hug, and talk with each other as long as you'd like - which gives you that special moment but ALSO makes amazing photos.  First looks often transition into your portrait sessions with each other and after with bridal party (and sometimes even family).  This gets photos out of the way before the ceremony, freeing you up for partying!


 Think about getting a wedding planner or day of coordinator. This allows you to truly enjoy your day and have one person know the WHOLE plan. We pride our selves on helping you plan your wedding day schedule but having a "point person" really helps with the little details and avoids getting you involved in small snags that others can handle.

Don't do everything your self! Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! We have seen it too many times. This is your big day but so many people that love you want to help, let them. There are a crazy amount of little things, that a month before the wedding you will feel like your head is spinning. Ask those friends and family for help so you cabe carefree on your big day.