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Hi this is Cole speaking,

I have a few things to say about Jeanne. You know when the stars align and you meet that person that just gets you? Like with out words? You can just look and each other and have an entire conversation… WITH YOUR EYES?  Thats Bean for me. She is LITERALLY the hardest working woman I know, and I regularly have to tell her take a day off.  We have learned healthy life boundaries together (she gives WAY too much). She loves the people in her life with a selfless passion that inspires me. She is INSANELY talented. Wielding a camera and a degree in interior design, girl knows how to make life look like glitter and magic. Her sauciness has me in stitches daily (all my funny tweets are Bean quotes).

I plan on working with her until I die. 



Jeanne Runs: Weddings, Portraits and Love


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Hi, this is Bean speaking. 

Cole is a badass bitch.  She's my Olivia Pope.  She will make sure that IT'S HANDLED.  She just handles shit.  If I'm crying over my computer because something is gone forever, guess what?  The next day it's found.  By Cole.  Having a problem?  Cole will literally solve it in minutes.  I have watched her walk into a reception and the venue had these gross purple lights EVERYWHERE (not by our bride's request, don't worry) and she was like NOPE and immediately found someone to make them gorgeous and warm and gold.  And the photos were the best.  And the feeling of the evening was the best.  She does things that are definitely not in her job description because she genuinely wants to help and make things the best for everyone she knows - in life and in work.  She has an eye for everything pretty and catches sweet moments like a magician.  


Cole Runs: Editorial, Architecture and Love 


Formally Red Cole Photo, now Bean and Cole <3 

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